Thursday, May 13, 2010

picton and waikawa

Picton is located about 30 mins from Blenhiem. It is in a beautiful location on a deep gulch at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound. (see map I added to this post)

It’s the main marine access point to the South Island. In this photo you can see the ferry leaving the port.

It has a cute village with ships and, of course, a great play ground near the water. We ran into a member of the district presidency at the playground on Sunday afternoon.

Lonnie worked for a couple days in Waikawa, just outside Picton. It has a beautiful harbor with lots of boats. The water was so clear we could see jellyfish and starfish.

Shannon- Yes we went to Kaikoura...amazing! More photos to come.

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  1. I must say that I am not one to get jealous but...I am a little jealous!