Thursday, July 22, 2010

dolphins and giraffes

Lonnie saw a pod of dolphins in the bay near our house while he was riding the ferry to work on Monday. The kids got pretty excited when I told them about it. Then Max just had to one-up his dad so he said that he saw giraffes in the water, and elephants too. Since Monday every time we drive past the little bay (which we do at least twice a day) Max has said "Daddy dolphins, Max and Maya giraffe and elephant". He is sticking to his story.

I can only guess what the picture in his mind looks like, but maybe it is something like this....


  1. Cute. I like to one-up people too.

  2. Very cute :) It would be fun to see into those little minds wouldn't it!

  3. i love when they think they know what's really right. And I love that it's probably from the quilt!

    I really love seeing your updates and photos. Your stories are hilarious, keep them coming!

  4. We don't actually have that quilt, although it is cute. I just happen to find it on google. Max just came up with it out of that amazing little mind of his.

  5. You changed the Rustedsun page. It looks very summery but I need more pics of the stars. Interesting video ideas: video of the kids reading, telling The Hungry, Hungry Caterpilliar, or reading-telling any of their favorite stories. A pic of the helmets. Much love, Mom