Tuesday, July 27, 2010

weekly activites

We finally had a healthy week so we have been enjoying all of our weekly activities! It was a very busy week.

Monday and Friday we went to Playcentre and the kids had a great time playing with water, paint and clay. They also climbed and raced. They were exhausted by the time they got home.

Tuesday we went to church where the moms of young kids have music group and toddler soccer. The kids love singing and running around with their friends. Maya's favorite song is Jack in the Box, she likes to practice her jumping (she hasn't gotten both feet off the ground but it isn't for lack of trying). Max especially loves the parachute at the end of soccer.

Wednesday we went to the local community center toddler play group called "Bells & Whistles". Imagine a huge open room filled with all the toys a child could ever want....slides, trains, play kitchens, tents, bikes,etc. Every Wednesday the toddlers of Devonport get to play while the adults visit.
Normally Thursday is our day at home, but a wonderful woman in our ward, whose children are all in school, has offered to coordinate a cooperative play group. We are going to take turns dropping off our kids. I love my little ones and most activities are more fun when they are around, but there are things that are more enjoyable without the additional appendages. I stayed and played with the kids for a little while and then I ran off to do some errands. I picked up the kids new balance bike (bike post to come) we ordered months ago, and I even bought a new pair of shoes.


  1. so cute! texas wants you back.

  2. I think I'm ready to move on over there...what fun things to do with little ones! (and I love the shoes :-)!