Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The kids went to Playcentre on Friday and then again on Monday. . We are now attending twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. I have duty day on Mondays where I am responsible for an area of play, like books, blocks and science or play dough, house-play and collage. On Fridays I attend with the kids and help out, but I don't have a specific responsibility so I was able to chase them around and take some photos.
On my duty days I come home pretty worn out. Even with low teacher to child ratios of 1/3 (which is not too different from what I am used to at home) things still get kind of crazy at times. But Max and Maya love it. They are learning a lot and gaining even more confidence.
Usually I have my hands full, but on Friday I remembered to bring along my camera.
Here Max is making a collage.
He also especially loves to play at the water table. On Friday the kid had dyed the water pink.
Maya found these head-phones in the carpentry area where she practised pounding real nails into a styrofoam block. They blocked out a lot of sound I am surprised she wanted to wear them because when I put them on it was hard for me to hear, but she kept them on for almost an hour.
Maya followed around the bigger boys who were playing pirates on the fort.
She also had fun with some girls playing queen rabbit.

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  1. that place looks so cool! I wish I had something like that for my girls out here. Maybe we do. I will have to look into it.