Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sloppy joes


  1. Cute pictures!

    I can't believe you didn't put bibs on them!! (I'm a firm believer of the bib.)

  2. If the kids are eating something really messy, like sloppy joes, I usually have them wear bibs. But on the day we took these photos the kids had been at Playcentre all morning. They were already very dirty. Maya had orange paint all over her front already, so there was no point trying to keep her clean.

    Thankfully most of the time Max and Maya are pretty clean eaters.

  3. Alisa forgot to add that I don't believe in bibs. They grow out of their clothes so quickly that I don't care if they end up with a few stains. I'm obviously not attached to their clothes...that and Alisa does a huge majority of the laundry. Nice hubby, huh?