Sunday, September 5, 2010

earthquake and ear infections

We didn't feel the 7.1 magnitute earthquake centered in Christchurch, NZ yesterday morning. Where we live in Auckland we are more than 660 miles (1000 km) away from the epicenter. It really is amazing that no one was seriously injured in such a large earthquake. If you want to read more about the earthquake you can click here:
We hope those in the affected areas continue to be safe during aftershocks and are able to quickly return to their lives.

In other news we have spent a lot of time at home this week. On Wednesday morning Maya woke up with a bit of a cold so we decided to cancel our playdate and get some rest at home. Thursday Maya's eyes were crusty and Max had also joined in with a runny nose and some coughing. By Friday afternoon I decided I should take this kids to the dr because Max's fever was over 102f. The dr said he though he had double ear infections and prescribed antibiotics. Thankfully Maya was acting brighter and wasn't given any meds.
Our weeks go so slow when we can't go our and participate in fun activities. We spent a lot of time watching Planet Earth and reading books while we all slowly went crazy. Lonnie went to Napier over night for work making the days seem even longer.
Late Friday night I decided I would join in the madness. My throat has swelled up and my neck and ears are sore. Thankfully sweet Lonnie is home and hopefully his trip out of town has saved him from the contagious period of this yuckiness.
Happy Father's Day (New Zealand) Lonnie. It looks like I am the one who will be eating breakfast in bed this morning.


  1. I wondered if you guys felt it. Glad you didn't and that it didn't hut too many people!

  2. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry you were all sick. Take it easy, know we love you. Being a mom is hard work. Love you, Mom
    PS I'm SOO thankful your all ok and we will continue to pray everyone is OK at Christchurch.