Thursday, September 30, 2010

st mary's church, tikitiki

One of the places we stopped during our drive along the East Cape was St. Mary's Church in Tikitiki. The church is set on a hill and looks like a plain small church building from the outside. We had read in our trusty Lonely Planet guide that the inside was stunning, so we stopped in for a look. It was really beautiful with Maori wood carvings, paintings, and flax weavings. There was a memorial plaque to men from the area that died as soldiers in World War I, and the stained glass window at the front depicted Christ on the cross with soldiers kneeling toward Him at each side. It was inspiring to ponder the sacrifices of those who worked to build the structure as well as those who served in New Zealand's armed forces.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. This church reminds me of the ones we saw around Austin. Simple and plain from the outside and inside built with such love for our Heavenly Father.Love you, Mom