Thursday, December 23, 2010

napier part one

Lonnie had to go out of town again this week and instead of sitting at home and complaining about it we decided to go along with him.  We stayed in a great rental property with a beautiful view of the ocean.  The weather was wet and rainy they first couple of days and then turned amazingly beautiful and perfect.   We enjoyed meals on the deck and slept with the windows open so we could feel the breeze and hear the ocean.  

The only slightly tricky part about the place where we were staying was that it was located fifty steps up from the street.  The kids and I were on foot while Lonnie worked long hours so that meant that I had to carry the stroller up all the stairs and convince the kids to follow me.  Thankfully, at least most of the time, they were able to make it.
The house also didn't have a phone or internet (I haven't had a cell phone since we arrived here )which in someways was very relaxing.  I took a couple quick trips to an internet cafe but also spent a lot of time reading and enjoying the quite.

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  1. These photos are breathtaking! The view are gorgeous and so are your children!