Tuesday, April 26, 2011

belly shot

I realized a couple days ago that I didn't have any official belly shots of this pregnancy.  When Lonnie came home from work I asked him to take a photo.  He asked if I wanted to get a little bit more glossed up.  While a little bit of make-up and running a brush through my hair might have made for a prettier picture these photos are closer to real life.  They were taken at the end of a long day of playing with two energetic, creative, emotional and wonderful kids.  I should remember to take some photos on Sunday, the only day of the week that I usually manage to get at least a little glossed up (put on mascara and brush my hair).  :) 

By the way...we still haven't settled on a name for our new little guy and we are taking suggestions.


  1. You look great!!! But don't forget that we have already picked out a great name. No need for suggestions, people. Tyrone it is!

  2. You look gorgeous! As for names, I seem to need to actually hold and see my babies before I can name them. Sorry that I'm not much help :-).

  3. Yer lookin' fabulous, no need to be glossed up.
    If I ever have a boy we'll most likely name him Matias. I like that it's a more obscure biblical name and in Spanish.:-) Matthias in English if you're not into to Spanish version. I'd let you use that name but only because I like you and because you live so far away, so there's very little risk of my non-existent son having to deal with a boy with the same name.:-)

  4. Are you looking for a M name? And you look great.

  5. Jeanne- I'm glad to know that you were able to come up with names after your kids were born. I'm a bit worried that I will be too overwhelmed to come up with names that I like after the baby is born. I'm worried I might give in to one of the names that Lonnie likes. :)

    Jennie-I do like M names....but we aren't set on having another m name. Although it would be nice if the name went well with Max and Maya.

  6. Well, real life is what its all about! You look pretty good after a long day if you ask me!! :)
    I like the name Tyson. We have a kid in our sunday school class named Tyson & he is a really nice boy, maybe that's why I like it.