Friday, May 20, 2011

3rd birthday

Max and Maya celebrated their third birthday last week.  On Friday, we brought ice cream cone cupcakes to Playcentre to share with their friends.  I brought along the camera to take photos of the event but forgot to check if the sim card was in place (it wasn't).  So you will just have to trust me that they shared cupcakes with 15 of their friends.

Friday night, the kids helped me make pizza dough.
Then Saturday morning, the festivities continued.  We invited some friends over for pizza, cake and ice cream.  We decided against a big party with lots of 3 year olds.  I didn't think I would have had the energy to pull it off, and we knew Max and Maya would be just as thrilled with grown-ups and older kids giving them lots of attention.  The benefit for Lonnie and I is that we got to talk with friends without having to watch the kids closely.
We sang Happy Birthday to both the kids individually, so they each got their special moment.  They shared a cake with their favorite animal on each side, a zebra for Maya and a giraffe for Max.  
They both were able to blow out three candles on their side of the cake.
I am loving being the mom of 3 year olds.  Max and Maya love to play together.  Their imagination keeps them running around and entertained, pretending to be dogs, ponies, Care Bears or members of their own little family.  They also love to dance and sing and will often ask for an audience to come and enjoy the show.  They watch out for each other and I find them hugging or wrestling, or a combination of the both, often.  They love to talk and if given the opportunity will stay up for hours in their room at night talking to each other....I can't imagine what they have to say after spending all their time together throughout the day.


  1. I can't believe it's been 3 years since they were born! They have grown up into such adorable little kiddos. And love the age of 3...2 and 4 can be rough, so 3 and 5 are always so enjoyable :-). Happy Birthday Max and Maya!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures of you and the kids. We love you all so much.

  3. Wow, are they really 3?! Happy birthday twins, and congrats Mom & Dad--you made it to 3!! I hope I can say the same in about a year and a half. :) Max & Maya look great. What sweet little ones you have!