Friday, June 17, 2011


If you look at the ticker on the right hand side of this blog you will notice that as of today I am 40 weeks pregnant.  Today is June 17th my Estimated Due Date (EDD).  As a matter of fact all three of my children were given the Estimated Due Date (EDD) of June 17th.

Had they gone full term, Max and Maya would have been born on June 17th.  But three years and five weeks ago Max and Maya were born five weeks early on May 14th.  This is what they looked like five weeks after they were born.

Today is our newest little baby's EDD and I am wondering if he will decide to come today.  I have already been pregnant with him 35 days longer than I was with Max and Maya.

Not that I am complaining.  While I am heavy, large and awkward, I'm very glad this baby is full term.  It was hard having 4 lbs new born babies.  I am hoping that this one is a bit easier because not only will I have only one baby, but he will come out strong and chubby.

Lonnie says that the baby is waiting for me to agree to name him Tyrone.  If that is the case you can expect me to still be pregnant next year at this time.


  1. That's pretty funny Alisa!
    That's also kind of cool that all three kids had the same EDD.
    Wishing you the very best!

  2. Wishing you an easy as possible labor and delivery! I hope little Tyrone has red hair to match his older brother and sister!

  3. EDD is only an estimate! Not nice to say, but up to 42 weeks is totally normal. I was reading a cool article recently about how the last step in lung development triggers labor, such an amazing process. You will do great and will love how easy a full term baby is!! Can't wait to hear of his arrival, just wish we were closer to help out!

  4. Sorry, Ann here, in Brian's account. Love, Stuckihouse

  5. Yes, I know it is an estimate. I'm not feeling desperate to get this guy out....just making a note of the June 17th date. I'm thrilled to have made it full term.

    Other than a slight worry about after 10 days or so having to be induced (increasing the possibility of another c-section) or being transfered from my midwife to an OB I'm happy to let him wait as long as he wants.

    It is actually a great feeling to know that when he comes he will be ready and I won't have to worry about him being too early at this point.

  6. So excited for you Alisa! All of my kids have been late. Usually around 41 weeks I start taking Evening Primrose oil, walking around a lot... etc to get pregnancy going. Gotta love Lonnie's rationale. Maybe he's right... :O Can't believe all your kids had the same EDD, now that is cool Mercer trivia.