Thursday, September 8, 2011


The people with the loudest votes in our family are Max and Maya, and they love going to parks.  The love even more going to parks with their Nana and Papa....

Mt. Victorica (Takarunga) and North Head......
sitting on mushrooms, exploring old barracks and caves, watching the sun set and enjoying the view.
Onepoto Domain, Northcote....
riding bikes, watching model sail boats, chasing pukekos, playing pirates.
Northboro Park, Belmont....
playing in the sand box, riding on the flying fox, going down the slide, riding bikes.


  1. You take such amazing photographs. You truly are talented. Then again, you are working with gorgeous subjects :)

  2. Thank Darci, some of these photos were taken by my dad or mom, which is why I am actually in the photo.

    We had (or HAD, it just broke!) a nice nikon digital slr camera. I love it, it is easy to use and takes great photos.