Wednesday, November 16, 2011

where are your people?

This afternoon as Max and Maya were getting out of the car Maya asked "Mom, where do the Max people come from".

I had to stop and think about what she was saying.  Maya got her name from the Mayan people in Guatemala.  She takes a lot of pride in knowing that about herself and if she hears anyone talking about Guatemala she will say"That is where the Maya people are from" or "That is where my people live".

It was actually a pretty good question.  The Maya people are from Guatemala so where are the Max people from.  I told her I just didn't know, then Max spoke up and said "The Maya people are from Guatemala, the Max people are from Texas".

Pretty clever kids.


  1. ha! i love it. i saw Barbara Alisa the other day - she's sooo grown up. I wonder if she asks the same thing to her mom.

  2. Maya and Max just make me smile. I love my little ones. Kisses and hugs,

  3. Where is the like button. That was too cute!

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