Friday, April 6, 2012

southern lakes and fiordland

We have been neglectful with blogging because our desktop computer is having trouble....and I have three busy kids....but at least we are having fun and enjoying life.  Still, I definitely want to record something about the awesome trip with had with Lonnie's parents.

We started by flying from Auckland to Queenstown, which is a picturesque resort town in the mountains of southern New Zealand.  Queenstown is about a 90 minute flight from Auckland, and the kids were great on the flight.  We rented a mini van in Queenstown and spent a relaxed afternoon.

The next day was Sunday, and we went to church at the little Queenstown branch.  They meet in a rented house and had about 20 people in sacrament meeting, including us and a few other tourists.  After church, we drove south to Te Anau, which is a town that sits at the gateway to Fiordland National Park. We spent three nights at a great holiday home in Te Anau.  One day was spent going to Milford Sound, which we think is a must visit in New Zealand.  That was a spectacular day!  We also enjoyed seeing native birds at an aviary in Te Anau, and of course the kids enjoyed playing at parks and along the beach at Lake Te Anau.

Leaving Te Anau, we drove north back through Queenstown and stopped in nearby Arrowtown, which has restored buildings from the late 1800s gold mining boom.  From there, we continued on to Wanaka, which is a smaller version of Queenstown...mountain resort town situated on a beautiful lake.  We stayed one night in Wanaka before moving along to the West Coast of the South Island.
Rainbow at Lake Te Anau
Once they start into the water, they can't be stopped.
Maya and Max on the cruise at Milford Sound
Milford Sound
On the cruise at Milford Sound...Trent is a champ at breastfeeding.
Looking back into Milford Sound from the Tasman Sea.
Lynne and Patsy enjoying the views just offshore from Milford Sound.  Lynne was excited to hear about Australia when the cruise captain said it was about a three day trip across the Tasman Sea to Tasmania.
Lonnie with Trent sleeping in a sling.
Smiley Max
They really like each other.  They talk about when they are going to marry each other.
They occasionally stop long enough for photos.
Milford Sound is awesome!!!
Max likes to say "just the boys".
And Maya likes "girl time".
Smiley Maya
View from the marina at Milford Sound.
Mitre Peak is the iconic landmark of Milford Sound.  It rises up over 5.000 feet from sea level.
Parakeet native to a subantarctic NZ island that we saw at the aviary.
Max hunting for rocks along the shore of Lake Te Anau.
Hugging a possum at the Fiordland National Park visitors center.
Smiley Trent and Mom
Take 2
Maya and Trent at the restored Chinese gold rush era village in Arrowtown.
Everywhere we go, people comment on Maya's red, curly locks.
Playground in Queenstown.
Maya at Lake Wanaka.
Lake Wanaka take 2.
Max at the rocky beach of Lake Wanaka.
Lynne, Maya, Max, and Alisa at Lake Wanaka.
Hanging out on the cruise at Milford Sound.


  1. The scenery is so beautiful, as are the kids! We have got to get back to New Zealand and see more of it.

    1. Thanks Erin. We would love to host you again. Our place is much bigger than when you came last time.

  2. Your family has such awesome adventures!

    1. New Zealand is an easy place to go on adventures, so many wonderful places to see.

  3. The only thing more beautiful than NZ scenery are your children! I could just eat them up, they are so cute. And your pictures make me even more anxious to make a trip to New Zealand. It looks like your life there is wonderful!

    1. We would love to have you come and stay with us in New Zealand! If you ever get to this part of the world know that you have a home with us.

  4. Oh I love these pictures!!!! I feel Lie we're on vacation with you all. Everyone looks happy and rested, what an adventure!!!
    Love you, Nana and Papa

    1. I don't know how rested we were, but we were happy. I think we might have planned too much for such a short time, especially because we all managed to get sick and Trent didn't want to sleep at night.