Thursday, July 5, 2012

one year

One year ago Trent was born.

I remember when Max and Maya were born people told me to time would go by quickly, but to be honest it didn't.  The first year of their lives seems like an eternity.  Maybe it was because there were two of them.  Maybe it was because, due to staying awake all night long, it actually took two years time to get through just one year.  Maybe it was because I was taking a crash course in motherhood and still grapelling to hold on to a piece of my life before having children.  Whatever it was, the first year of Max and Maya's life felt like forever.

Yet, somehow I find myself one of those people, the ones that say their baby grew up so quickly that before they knew it the first year was gone.   The past year of Trent's life has flown by.  I still can't believe he is one year old.  He still has the delicious cheeks and the chub of an infant, but for as long as he has been able to has tried to keep up with his older brother and sister.  He was born a strong baby.  Started rolling over at three months, crawling at six and walking at nine.  At one year old he runs.  He backs down the long stair case.  He gets into everything.  He climbs on top of chairs.....

I haven't gracefully taken on the role of mother the way I thought I would, especially the infant stage.  I don't do well with lack of sleep.  While Trent has always enjoyed sleeping, he hasn't been very good at staying asleep.  He didn't sleep through the night regularly until he was 9 months old....and even now there are nights that he wakes up in the night.  The only thing that will ever put him back to sleep is breastfeeding.  Thankfully he is quick and I enjoy the snuggle, knowing that this time will pass quickly.

Trent is inquisitive.  He likes to get into cupboards, bags, toys, drawers, an open dishwasher, the toilet, and anything else that seems interesting.  He bolts for any open door, especially when it is one leading outdoors.  He likes to look at books and seems to want to turn the pages himself more than let someone else turn the pages for him.  He loves to laugh and is a great dancer.  I wish I had half of his energy and maybe even a quarter of his determination.  He has this funny little angry streak that pops up when he doesn't get something that he wants (like a closed cupboard) if to let you know that he is in charge and you shouldn't get in his way.  More than anything he loves his brother, sister, dad and especially his mom.

Sweet Trent Tane, we are so glad to have you as part of our family.


  1. First, you are a great mom and write about what tires most moms. You also make Trent's life come alive with your skilled writing. We love our Mercer family. Mom and Dad

  2. Happy belated birthday to Trent! You put into words exactly how I felt with Matt and Mike. The first year was slow and yet a blur for me. Abi's first year flew by so fast. Thanks for letting me peek at your blog and relive the memories of my own twin "babies". You're a great mom and example.

  3. My name is Angie Toler and I'm friends with Erika Johnson--she gave me your blog site. We're moving to WEllington next month! You look in Auckland it looks like. I've enjoyed reading your blog and it has gotten me really excited to explore where we'll be for the next 3 years! Thanks!

    1. Hello Angie,
      Kia Ora! I hope you love New Zealand as much as we have! When will you arrive? My email address is alisaallred (at) yahoo (dot) com. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. We haven't spent much time in Wellington, but it seems like a really cool city. The TePapa is amazing and there are lots of other cool museums. Make sure to check out Playcentre if you have kids under the age of 5. - Alisa