Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the truth about twins and sleeping

Don't worry twins will sleep through each other's cries.
It is 5:15 am and I am awake. I should be asleep, but about 30 mins ago Max started screaming, followed by Maya....I think.

Lonnie is out of town so instead of keeping Max in his room and laying him back in his bed I brought him into our room. Lonnie is out of town and I kind of liked the idea of comforting my scared little boy while falling back asleep myself. But them Maya started crying. I couldn't ignore her, although I could tell from the tone of the cry that most likely this would only last a few mins beofre she would fall back asleep.

I asked Max if he wanted to stay with mom or go back into his room. His answer, "Sissy". He chose the comfort of his sister over the comfort of his mom.

When people tell you that twins won't wake each other up with thier cries that isn't completly true, but what they don't mention is th Most of the time they do sleep though each other's cries. Sometimes they wake each other up, but sometimes they help each other get back to sleep.

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