Monday, February 10, 2014

art class

I started inviting kids over to the house this summer to do art projects.  With Max and Maya starting kindergarten the class ended up being about 8 kids from their class who come over every week.  We talk about the masters and then do our own projects.  It takes a lot of energy and leaves a big mess but I love having a creative outlet.  


  1. I love that you do this! I bet the kids really love it too. What a fantastic idea. Michael Anne's last school had a great art program called "Meet the Masters" & she absolutely loved learning about them & their style. Then they got to make their own masterpieces. Really cool.

  2. Someone told me recently about Meet the Masters, I wonder if I could somehow get the curriculum, I'm just kind of making mine up as I go along. It is fun to do and the kids seem to really like it. Yesterday before class I saw one of the kids and told him we would be making sculptures of people moving and he said, "You mean like Degas made after he states to go blind". I was amazed that he had listened and remembered something so specific that we had talked about.