Tuesday, October 7, 2014

max and maya's carnival birthday party

Have have never had more than a "family" (or adopted family) birthday party for our kids.  We decided to let the kids have a friend party and to go all out.  I'm not even sure how many people where there but there were about 25 kids plus lots of additional parents.  We were also lucky enough to have several helpers.  Sophie was our biggest helper.  

We decided on a carnival theme.  We had a watermelon, freezer pops, popcorn, corn dogs and the favorite cotton candy.
The kids played games to earn tickets.  There was a pingpong ball toss, bowling, a mini golf course, and the favorite sumo wrestling.  
We also had a silly photo booth.
 Dani did great face painting.  Thank you, Dani!
Jeff made ballon animals.  Thank you, Jeff and Tara!
The kids took the tickets they earned doing the activities and cashed them in at the ticket booth to buy prizes and treats.  
The Birthday Kids had a great time.

 So did their friends...

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