Sunday, July 22, 2007

summer concert, old friend.....

Summer Concert Series at Bayou Bend. Bayou Bend is an amazing old home with beautiful gardens that was donated to the city of Houston by a woman with the unfortunate name of Ima Hogg. Luckily she didn't let her unfortunate name destroy her sense of self worth, because she amounted an amazing antiques collection and built the most beautiful gardens that I have ever seen. The jazz music was great. I love finding little city treasures.

Even though it was past 6:00pm it was still very warm outside. Fortunately, this was the one day all week that it didn't rain. We had sprayed ourselves down with bug spray and managed to avoid getting eaten by mosquitos.

While we were at the concert we met up with my friend Michelle, who was in town visiting her sister. I taught Michelle in the MTC welfare program several years ago, before she served a mission in Venezuela. We had a very nice visit, and it was so great to get caught up.

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