Monday, April 14, 2008

30 Weeks pregnant

My belly is getting bigger and bigger, especially when I hold it on the underside and show off my psychedelic swirls.

Out in the garden in a more conservative outfit.

You may notice that all the belly shots are taken in dresses, well that is due to the fact that I have gotten to the point where I only require myself to get dressed nice and fix my hair one day a week, Sunday. Blow drying my hair on any other day requires too much effort and I have to save my strength for more important things, life gestating babies. :)

I'm looking forward to the days when we have baby photos to put up and not just photos of my belly.


  1. I must say I'm a fan of the psychedlic swirls - that dress looks extremely comfortable. If I could, I would wear maternity dresses to church still - then I could truly enjoy the comfort of the dress while not "gestating" babies, which makes everything uncomfortable!

  2. I take all my belly photos on Sunday too, for the same reason of only using the energy to look nice one day a week. And even then, some Sundays are better then others...

  3. You look FABULOUS!

    The swirls are great and I'm just sad that we don't get to see you pregnant in person!

    Keep gestating well and I hope you are feeling as good as possible.

  4. NICE JUMPER!! Reminds me of a time a decade ago on a sunny, green isle when I also wore jumpers. In fact, my transfer outfit was a denim jumper and a burgundy shirt. Oh, those were the days!

    Your hair is looking so lovely. I love how long and thick my hair gets when I'm pregnant. Sadly, I am now at the stage where it has started falling out. Enjoy!

  5. Olá amigo,

    Como está as coisas. Você, sua Esposa e sua posteridade? Espero que a gravidêz de sua esposa esteja ocorrendo dentro da normalidade. Estamos orando por vocês, para que tudo ocorra bem.
    Dia 17 de maio de 2008 minha esposa e eu iremos a Itajubá/MG. Iremos visitar todos lá. Especialmente as famíias do José de Almeida e do João Batista, lembra-se deles? Depois iremos ao templo de Campinas. Estamos anciosos em poder viajar para as áreas de minha missão.

    Um abraço,
    Estou esperando por notícias.

    Ermiton Araújo

  6. Oh, but these belly pictures are so DARLING!!!

  7. Wow. Look at how cute you are. I really like the swirly dress. :)

    I wish I could see you in person, but the pictures make it a little more real.

    Just a few more weeks to go.