Wednesday, June 18, 2008

40 weeks gestation

Due to the fact that we know the exact date that the babies were conceived, we know that today would have been the day that they completed 40 weeks gestation. Having been born five weeks early they missed out on some of the last weeks of womb development, but they are doing great and growing wonderfully. We have left the pregnancy counter going to remind ourselves that these babies are so young that technically they aren't even born yet. I must admit that even with a very difficult pregnancy, taking care of these babies is easier inside the womb than out in the world. But we are so happy to be able to get to know them and learn about their personalities.

Happy Birthday Babies! We love you!



It look like the pregnancy countdown is now counting up. I guess we can now consider the date shown on the calender as how many days past 40 days gestation the babies are now.


  1. Max looks just like Lonnie and Maya looks just like you. They are OUTRAGEOUSLY precious.

  2. I love their little expressions--try not to let this photo shoot bother me too much, I'm busy growing.

    They're so cute, Alisa. I'm so happy for you. Love to hear how all of it is going for you guys.

  3. They are absolutely beautiful Alisa. How lucky you are. Don't stress. They will sleep through the night eventually. I love that they like to sleep together.