Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the phantom triplet

I'm pretty sure that we only brought two babies home from the hospital....but often I will hear a baby crying, sometimes in the middle of the night, often during the day. I will get out of bed walk over to check on the babies and both of them will be sound asleep. I don't have the slightest idea which of them had been crying. It must have been the phantom triplet.



  1. I'm waiting for more pictures of your cuties :-)! Is your mom still in town? I want to bring in dinner for you when she's gone (not that I don't want her to eat my food too, but I'm sure you'll be needing it more then :-).

  2. That happens to me ALL THE TIME. In fact, sometimes I'll be hanging out with my two kids in one room, and I start thinking that I have to go get the other kid in the other room--and then I remember that I only have two kids (here on Earth). I've decided that the "phantom other baby" is just a reminder that there's at least one more baby in my future. Another wee one must be waiting to come to you guys too!

  3. That is definately a mom thing. You're already not getting enough sleep and then you have to be awaken by nonexistent crying. I know how that goes. The good thing is - it means your a mom.