Saturday, June 14, 2008

which dot are you?

About a year ago I added ClusrMaps to our blog. It tracks the locations of the people who are viewing our page. The size of the dot depends on the number of visits from that relative site. It has been fun to see the different places where people have been looking at our blog. Of course we are the main source in the Houston area where the dot is the largest. If you are reading our blog and you can see your dot on this page tell us where you are.
Thanks! - Rusted Sun


  1. We should be Israel, Mexico City, Paris, Louisville, Kansas City, maybe NYC, Utah, etc if it logs everywhere we have seen your blog.

    Nice to briefly chat today. I have a crying newborn who wants to nurse right now. . . take care!

  2. Utah, but the next time I go somewhere exotic, I'll be sure to check your blog. It's a bit like a stamp in your passport, eh? :)How're the babies?