Saturday, July 26, 2008


Max, Zane and his mom Amber.  Max looks like he is small enough to be Zane's toy.
Max, Maya and Ian (Emily's son)


  1. They are growing too fast, you must have whipping cream milk. I miss you like crazy too, and I've only just started checking blogs again. Your babies are adorable and you look fantastic! Wish we lived closer.
    Kiss their little feet for me. What a blessing, they are perfect.

  2. The picture of the 3 babies together is so cute and you can see Maya's cute little cheeks! Did you win a blog contest from Supermom Central? I saw "rusted sun" listed as a winner...if so I am REALLY jealous :-)!

  3. Thanks for posting new pictures. It's so cute to see how they've grown and to see Maya's beautiful smile :)

  4. Ah, how cute! When you get a chance, you'll have to email me the pics you took.