Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two month appointment with the pediatrician ... and the popularity of the twins

This morning, the twins went to visit the pediatrician. Maya weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz, and Max is now 9 lbs 4 oz (at birth Maya weighed 4lbs 4oz and Max weighed 4lbs 2 oz). As you can tell from the photos, Maya has grown some chubby little cheeks. Max isn't quite as chubby, but he's trying to keep pace with her on the weight gain. We are very happy that they have done so well after starting so small. It's amazing how the little bodies of babies somehow find their way through growth and development.

On another subject, we are proud to note that our twins should be running for president of the United States, as they are significantly more popular than Barack Obama. Lonnie's post about Obama did not get any comments while any post with photos of the twins (especially the naked ones) gets at least a few comments. It's a very interesting trend that we've noticed. :)


  1. Que lindo seus filhos, sinto uma grande alegria por tudo ter dado certo com a chegada de Maya e Max. Se eles se caditarem para presidente do Brasil, eu votaria com toda certeza.
    Minha esposa e eu viajamos para Itajubá/MG e visitamos a família de José de Almeida e todos lá. Todos estão firmes no envangelho. Foi uma experiência maravilhosa. Visitamos também o Mauro, um pesquisador que é dono de várias padarias (PÃO E MEL), que naquelas época quase aceitou o batismo. Ele está muito bem e nos convidou para estamos juntos com ele novamente algum dia. Nos ofereceu hospedagem em uma linda fazenda perto de Itajubá.
    Depois seguimos para o Templo de Campinas/SP.
    Um abraço amigo! e mais uma vez parabéns por sua linda família.

    Érmiton Araújo

  2. They are so darling!! I'm so glad that they are growing so well, and I cannot believe they are over 9 pounds already. Are you KIDDING ME? I have to admit, that watching the lives of these twins has been interesting since the day I found your blog, but now I'm paying attention with a whole new perspective!!

  3. I am a fan both of Maya and Max, and of Barack Obama as well. Obama doesn't happen to be as adorable.

  4. I am so pleased that the nursing tip worked for you - hang in there! It took me a few days of using that trick before my son really got the hang of things. I'm so impressed with your persistence - many women would've given up by now. Your twins are absolutely darling and very lucky to have you.

    - Lauren @ SuperMom Central

  5. OK I got the weight wrong and just couldn't figure out our babies. I thought Maya was 9lbs. 1 1/2 ounces and Max was 9/4 I kept telling my friends that although Maya looked a bit chunkier Max weighed more. They are SOOOO beautiful and I can't wait to give my babies kisses and hugs in Sept.

    On a different note I just finished watching Blood Diamonds and now I'm watch a program on man made diamonds. Now, my diamonds of choice.

    Love you, Mom

  6. I'm looking forward to new pictures