Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our power came back on sometime yesterday afternoon. We were at the Hatfields until late the evening. When we came home someone had already cleaned up our lawn and piled up the limbs and leaves near the drive way. This morning we were told that someone from our church had cleaned not only our year but also the yards of several of our neighbors. Our neighbor Kelly, who had been in the city bringing food and ice to an older couple who had a tree in the middle of her house, said she was prectically in tears when she saw that her yard had been cleaned while she was out taking care of someone else. We still aren't sure who it was that was so kind to come over and help out. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Lonnie now out cleaning up the yard. The Weber's pool and yard still need a lot of work, but we thankfully the hard things have been done. We just need to get a lot of leaves out of the bottom of the pool and clean up their yard.

Also the blessing of an unusually cool weather front has come through the area, which is such a blessing to those still with out power.


  1. Fun to catch up, cute cute blessing outfits, so fun, glad you guys survived the hurricane, our prayers and thoughts have been with all our friends down there.

  2. So glad you all survived Ike so well. That was a huge storm: our son, Steve, lost power for 2 days in Columbus OH!
    The twins are also HUGE and adorable. The blessing outfits were perfect. thanks for blogging.