Monday, September 15, 2008

still no power

We are still without power, but staying with our friends the Hatfields who thankfully have welcomed us into their home. Church was canceled today due to lack of power at the building. Several people got together at our friends the Weber's home to cut apart a large thee that had fallen into their pool. People have pulled together to meet every one's needs.

Due to the lack of power there are a lot of people siting on front porches, lounging on lawn chairs in drive ways and gathering neighbors together at the houses that do have power. Yesterday we spent time getting to better know neighbors that we are always meaning to spend time with but always putting off for another day. We didn't worry about getting anything done other than just spending time together and enjoying their cool air-conditioned house.

Houston is a city built on air conditioning. It is hot and humid and most houses are built to keep the cool air trapped inside. I love fresh air and open doors but here in the gulf coast I keep my windows and doors tightly shut to avoid even more costly utility bills. Maybe we should have power-down days more often, where we keep or doors open and visit with or neighbors and offer support, comfort, friendship and a glass of lemon aid.

But I still really miss my air-conditioned house.


  1. I have tried to call a few times and couldn't get you and I think you called me this morning, but I couldn't hear you when I answered. I am glad you have a place to stay, if you need a change or break call me or just come by. We aren't planning to go anywhere. School is out tomorrow and I am sure work will be as well. Talk to you soon.

  2. I heard you were still out of power and that you were at the Hatfields. I am glad you have a place to stay and keep the babies comfortable. Please let me know if you need anything.

  3. Reading your blog is like checking the news. Every few hours I check and see if there's anything new or updates. I'm so thankful for good friends like you have and for your ward. this weekend is something you will never forget. Love Mom

  4. The Webers are very grateful for people like you -- you really rescued us! Thanks for all your hard work and organizing efforts at our house! We will never forget your care!