Tuesday, October 7, 2008

conference weekend

Max only stayed this way for a few seconds but it sure looks cute.
We had a nice and relaxing conference Sunday. Lonnie spent Saturday helping with Ike cleanup so we were all looking forward to having a quiet day at home together. The kids were getting a little bit fussy during conference and I was tired, so Lonnie strapped both babies into the carriers and danced around the room to keep them entertained. It was pretty impressive. Too bad it took both of us to get the kids in and out of the carriers or I would have a new work out method.


  1. Max looks so cute with his arms folded! Also, that baby pack must take a Hudini to hook up! I took the girls for a walk last night with Addi in our front pack & had to have Michael Anne hook the back up for me!

  2. I love that photo of Lonnie and the kids, You have your hands full!

  3. So, I have never had a carrier or a sling or anything for either of my kids. I decided before we had this one that THIS baby would be a sling/carrier kid. I even had a friend pick me up an african wrap from Ghana, and my sister sewed me a sling of her own design. Yeah. Twins. Great. Gotta rethink this whole thing now....