Friday, December 5, 2008

welcome to the table babies

Christmas has arrived early for Max and Maya. While we can still get away with it the babies are going to receive practical gifts for Christmas this year, we might as well enjoy the fact that they are just as happy with a piece of paper as an expensive toy. Santa arrived via UPS while we were gone on our trip and brought the babies booster seats. Now these aren't just any booster seats these are the new red booster seats that were just released from Fisher-Price. I've been pretty cheap about most of the gear that I have bought for the babies. Having to get two of things makes the price tag seem all the more daunting. I have been happy with second-hand toys and cribs, but I decided to splurge (it is the holidays after all) and get the booster seats that match our kitchen. So now the babies and the parents can all enjoy sitting at the table together in matching red seats. I look forward to may wonderful, interesting, engaging, happy, peaceful (I can dream can't I??) dinners together.

The babies playing with their carrots and oatmeal.

I love Max's face in this photo.

We are ready for some food mom!

Max and Maya enjoying pleasant dinner table conversation.....
Maya: "What do you think about Obama's cabinet picks so far?"
Max: "I'm impressed that he is keeping up his promises to chose the best possible candidates without regard for political loyalties, he reminds me a Lincoln and his team of rivals...very impressive, I must say"
Maya: "I agree, very impressive"
Max and Maya: "Um, excuse me Mom, but can we please be excused from the table?"


  1. CUTE!!!!!!!!! You need to splurge every once in a while!

  2. I love the colors of the chairs! much, Much, MUCH cuter than our bright primary colored one...definitely worth a splurge :-)!!!

  3. I loved the "dinner table conversation" photo. Here is a quote from our 'fridge about that: "Remember that children are temporary. As soon as they develop a sense of humor and are good dinner companions, they pack up their electronic equipment and their clothes (and some of yours) and leave in a U-Haul to return only at Thanksgiving." (Barbara Holland)

  4. Now those are some cute booster seats. And Babies.