Friday, January 23, 2009

alarm clocks

My alarms clocks are broken. I have three of them, one on my night stand and two that sleep upstairs in their cribs. Every night before we go to sleep I set the alarm clock on my night stand for 6:00am. Each night as I put my babies to sleep I repeat to my other two alarm clocks....."Sleep at least until 6:30am, sleep at least until 6:30am, sleep at least until 6:30am.....". Then just for good measure, just before I go to bed myself I check on them again and whisper in their ears...."I love you sweet baby and please sleep at least until 6:30am". Even with the constant checking and resetting somehow at least one of these precious alarm clocks loses track of time and wake up too early.
It is not always the same child who gets off track, so I know that they CAN sleep in until at least 6:30am. It also doesn't matter what time they go to sleep the night before. The sweet babies take turns being the one who wakes up early. Each morning one baby will sleep in while the other takes on the responsibility of making noise, talking and then crying-until mom or dad decide that they can't take it any more and give in to the nagging alarm.
The rotating alarm clock responsibilities can start as early as 4:30am, but thankfully this is often a weak attempt, that only a mother can hear, that can be put on snooze at least for a little while. The stronger, louder and much more insistent alarm starts somewhere between 5:30am and 6:00am, those precious quite morning hours when I am finishing up my dreams and trying to squeeze in at least 6 hours of sleep.
This morning it was Max. The previous two days it has been Maya's responsibility. There have been less than a handful of days in the past eight plus months that I haven't been woken up to hair-raising sound of a crying child.
I can't really complain (and yet I do), the babies are sleeping much better than they did while on vacation- when they were waking up sometimes twice a night. At least they are sleeping through the night for the most part. But now that they are sleeping well at night I want more. I want that last hour or hour and a half. I would love to slowly wake up and a enjoy a few quite moments of peace before I get out of bed. Please sweet babies....give mommy a break. :)

Our two sweet babies showing us their innocent faces.

"Who me?? I would never want to disrupt your beauty rest mommy!"- Max

Do you really think you are in charge around here mom?- Maya


  1. Alisa, you are so great! I love your honest posts and I can just see you whispering in their ears as you put to bed and check on them later. The pictures are great too, but they are getting sooo big! Tell them they have to stop until their Aunt Lisa in Tennessee gets to meet them?! ha ha. Maya's picture and caption is perfect!!! It looks like you read her mind. Love her dress too - Guatemalian?

  2. Oh, what sweet babies! Come to the park tomorrow so I can see them in person! My pediatrician in New York (who I LOVED) told me that at this age, you can make waking up a habit and if you don't want them up until a specific time--don't get them up until then. My rule is I don't get up before 7:00. Lately Ian wakes up sometime after 6:00 but I ignore him until after 7:00 sometimes he goes back to sleep, sometimes he talks or cries but I figure he'll eventually catch on (Brooklynn did). Anyway, just a thought. (I think middle of the night cries are a little different)

  3. The pictures are so cute! I agree with Emily, although I'm sure it's more difficult with 2 because you don't want one to wake up the other. Someday you'll get to sleep in again, don't worry :-).

  4. Hang in there! Someday they will be teenagers, and wont want to wake up at all.

  5. Those last two pictures of the kids are priceless! & What perfect captions!!! You're funny!