Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dear uncle mike

Dear Uncle Mike,
Thank you for lending me your Mikey doll. I like to call him my Uncle Mikey doll. I like to fall asleep while snuggling, but Mom said that Maya and I have to sleep in separate beds now that we both wiggle so much. Having an Uncle Mikey doll helps me feel better when I am falling asleep. This is now I do it.....

First I play with his hair,

...then I play with my hair,

....and then I fall asleep. Do you think they would let you have a Max doll in the Navy?

Maya looking for Guam on the globe.


  1. Ha Ha, those are cute pics. That looks like a cute little doll!

  2. lisa, I have to say, you are a true mercer. you have become quite scrapbookie. love it. :)

  3. Ok....I have to admit the scrapbookyness of bloging. Thankfully it does not involve many of the things about scrapbooking that annoy me...
    It doesn't cost any money
    It doesn't require any space
    It doesn't make any mess
    It doesn't just sit on a shelf and gather dust

    Lonnie would like to point out that never in his life has he scrapbooked.

  4. Love the play by play of Max and Mikey...and LOVE the globe :-)!