Friday, March 6, 2009

he's moblie

About a week ago Max started occasionally creeping forward on his belly.
Two days ago he finally moved more than just a couple of inches forward in his army crawl.
Yesterday, he started crawling....belly off the floor, all the way across the room.
He is thrilled to say the least. He was getting quite frustrated at his lack of mobility.

Sweet Maya still seems quite content to sit peacefully and play with a toy. She is also getting in teeth number 4 and 5.

I spent the day vacuuming up all the crumbs that Max is now able to find and put in his mouth.


  1. uh you go Alisa. If you thought your life would never be the same when you had twins, just wait!

  2. Good Luck. Megan is driving me crazy. She destroys everything!

  3. Yay! Maya won't be too far behind when she sees all the places Max can go.

  4. Hey Alisa-- Vic is staying with me in Boston for a bit and we were just reminiscing about how awesome you and Lonnie are yesterday. I hope that all is well. How fun that Max is crawling! They are adorable. Love, Mel

  5. dear max:

    1. please be kind to your mom and don't crawl faster than she can walk and carry a baby.

    2. please don't teach your sister to crawl and then crawl in different directions.

    3. please stay away from the stairs.


  6. I haven't been on your blog forever. It's great to see the pictures. I can't believe they are getting so big! Max almost doesn't look like a baby any more.

  7. Alisa and Lonnie, your babies are so beautiful! Take a trip out to California so I can babysit.