Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've always felt awkward asking for and receiving gifts on my birthday. Although I always enjoy a good party, it seems a little strange to celebrate a feat that not only required very little effort on my part but that I don't even remember. I have similar feeling of Christmas. I love getting together with family and friends around the holidays, and I like having a time to show gratitude to those I love. But Christmas is a celebration of the marvelous gift of our Savior and not a time I feel comfortable making a wish list for Santa.

But this Mother's Day, I felt especially entitled to a little bit of pampering, and I told Lonnie exactly what I was expecting. After dealing with "woman stuff" for years, the long drawn out dating years, the infertility years, a nausea-filled pregnancy, and topping it all off with the last year of intense sleep deprivation and unprecedented needs for patience and compassion, I felt I deserved a little rest and appreciation.

Thankfully, Lonnie rose to the task. Last Sunday, after being out of town for an entire week, Lonnie made me a delicious breakfast and an impressive dinner. He cleaned the entire kitchen (while I laid on the sofa reading a book) and also made a beautiful arrangement of magnolias and gardenias from flowers in our yard. Thank you, Lonnie, for making my Mother's Day wonderful.

No matter what stage of womanhood, you are experiencing I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and someone showed you just how wonderful you really are. (Don't worry guys, your day will come in June.)


  1. Getting called out or exposed on a blog is even worse than getting presents on Christmas or your birthday. :)

  2. You certainly did deserve a good Mother's Day day of rest!

  3. Niiiiiice. Happy Mother's Day!