Monday, August 3, 2009

fan club meeting

Our sweet babies are pretty popular. It helps that there are two of them which means that there is always a baby that need or wants to be held. They are also quite friendly and will approach people and ask to be picked up.

Our friends Ashley and Rachel, who attend church with us, have been super friendly and nice to us since the babies were newborns. When Max and Maya were only a couple months old the girls came over and offered me some much needed help. Not only did they help feed the babies back during the time that it would take almost 45 mins to bottle feed them less than 3oz of milk, but they even helped me clean the house.

The girls came over again last week and played with the babies while I made dinner. The babies were thrilled to have so much attention and I was able to fix a nice dinner. Thank you so much Rachel and Ashley!

The babies find out one of the best things about tweens: cellphones!

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