Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new floors

We had new hardwood floors installed in our living and dinning rooms. I think they look great, the color adds a lot to the rooms and they are easier to keep clean that our old carpet. We had a new ceiling fan installed too.

We also had our wetbar/ wine rack turned into an entertainment center, which much more useful in our house.

If you live in Katy and are looking to have some remodel work done we would recommend using Atkin Remodel. Chris did a great job on our house.

The only near disaster that came from all this work in a home with two babies was Maya opening a cupboard and pouring out a pint of paint onto the carpet. I would have gotten a photo but we were worried she would also start eating the paint. Thankfully we were able to get it all cleaned up before too much damage was caused.


  1. I love your dining room. It has so much light and sun.

  2. The floors look amazing! Love them. And the new tv nook is great too!

  3. Looks great! Glad Maya got all cleaned up without too much damage! :)

  4. Those floors look fabulous!!! I can't wait to hear about Hawaii, I had no idea you were there! How gorgeous.