Friday, September 18, 2009


Maya is having a bit of a hard day. She has been breaking down into tears at even slight provocations.

While sitting at the dinner table she broke down into tears when I wouldn't let her take Max's fork from him. Finally I stopped fighting her and when I walked away I saw her pull Max's fork out of his hand again, but then she handed him her fork. Maya has more skill and patience when it comes to eating with a fork. Maybe she just thought her fork worked better and wanted to help him out. It didn't make much a difference and Max went on to eat most of his Mac and Cheese with his hands, which made Maya pretty upset.

Later in the evening I decided to give the kids a bath, which for some reason they were not too happy about. When I was completely worn down from the whining I took the kids out of the bath wrapped them each in a baby-burrito and put them in Max's crib with a pacifier in their mouths. I came back about five minutes later, when felt like I could deal with the situation again. Maya was still in her burrito but sitting up and Max was standing behind her playing with her hair which she didn't seem to mind until I took them out of their crib so I could get them dressed in their pjs.

Thankfully Lonnie is back in town today after working in Beaumont for the week. Happy Anniversary Babe....I'm sleeping in tomorrow.


  1. at least they're not getting into cervical cancer lesions... (ref from my latest blog)

  2. Happy Anniversary and I hope you get to sleep in!

  3. What an exhausting age this is---I hear you. Happy anniversary, too.