Wednesday, November 18, 2009

things I will miss about texas

1. Our wonderful friends
2. Having a house big enough for lots of house guests
3. Bluebell Ice cream
4. Availability and quality of tortillas.
5. Having everyone at the grocery store recognize the babies
6. Alligators at Brazos Bend
7. Warm weather (but not the excessive heat and humidity)
8. Awesome thunder storms
9. Crape Myrtle flowers
10. Magnolia trees


  1. If we happen to move those are some things I will miss too...especially the trees...

  2. Your life has been so blessed by living in Katy. I think you will never forgot the love and miracles you and Lonny received by living in Texas. Besides, our babies are real Texans.
    Nana Mom

  3. I treasure the years we lived in TX. Love that place!

  4. I probably should add BBQ to that list.