Thursday, November 19, 2009

top ten reasons you should visit new zealand

And in case you needed another reason....

or another.....


  1. It looks so beautiful! I bet your getting really excited.

  2. Notice how the UK was the butt of half those jokes? I'm just sayin.... I think you win.

    I can't wait until you post a video of Max doing the Haka.

  3. We are getting excited! Hopefully those visas come through in time otherwise we are going to be stuck in Utah for another couple weeks.

    Heather- Your home in England will probably be older than our new country. That is pretty cool too.

    If anyone in our family should be doing the Haka it would be Maya, she has an especially long tongue.

  4. Alisa, if you get stuck in Utah for a few weeks, I'd love to organize a get together of all the hermanas around. Would you be interested?

  5. This really is very very VERY exciting! COngrats!

  6. I spent two months in New Zealand. LOVED IT. The people were so welcoming; you'll fall in love with them all.