Monday, March 8, 2010

national children's day

Yesterday was national children's day in New Zealand. Devonport celebrated by having a treasure hunt. We decided we didn't have enough time before naps and then church to participate in the hunt but the kids still enjoyed the ride on toys that had also been brought out for the festivities. Maya's favorite ride on toy is a small roller coaster.

Devonport has a several great park areas, our favorite is on Windsor Reserve, located between the library and the ferry. There are lots of trees for shade, an big climbing playground (which is also very safe for little ones) and a see-saw.

If you look in the background of the photos you can also see the ocean on the far side of the grassy areas.

Thankfully the kids are much more interested in the toys than the water. Maya is much easier to photograph at the park, Max runs almost everywhere he goes.

This photo, while not especially pretty give you an idea of how close we are to the city. You can see the SkyCity needle in the distance.


  1. I'm loving your pictures -- Auckland looks like such a nice city. And what a great place for children! Those cute red-heads are very blessed to have you for parents, but also will be lucky to experience the adventures you're going to have in your new home. I have experience with one of those roller coasters with my own red-headed grandson. They have one at this community play space at a church in Boston that they frequent and it was his favorite there. It's amazing how much fun they have riding down that little hill. Enjoy life!

  2. Your pictures are great. I can't remember much about the city since we were there with Rae and Richard in May 2000. We spent some time downtown shopping and being tourists. The ferry you are riding looks very user friendly and relaxing. Your house seems close to town but miles away because of the beaches and water. What a beautiful setting.

  3. If you are ever in the Epsom area, the parks at the bottom of One Tree Hill are great. One has a train that runs in a concrete channel: the kids sit in it and you push (or other bigger kids at the park do). There is a great Maori archeological site there and some good museums. I went on some tree tours (with my grandsons: the ranger didn't mind at all) and it was fascinating to learn about trees, flowers and birds.

  4. Thanks sweetie for letting us share in your life. We love you
    Mom and Dad