Monday, March 15, 2010

adventerous max

Our sweet little Max is getting more adventurous everyday. He loves to explore and climb. This week it seems his adventures have caught up to him. He has a scraps on his forehead, knees, neck and chin. He also cut open his top lip. But none of this seems to slow him down much. He will cry for just a few minuets and then run off looking for more excitement.

A few days ago I was washing dishes and heard him playing in the laundry room just a few steps away. I went in to find him sitting in the dryer. Thankfully all electricity switches in New Zealand can be turned off, so there is no way it could be turned on while he is inside.

And I forgot to mention, last Thursday we were at the park with our friends Sonna and Ruthie. Max wanted to go on the big-kid belt swing like Ruthie. He did quite well for a while until suddenly he decided to let go when the swing was at its highest point. He flew through the air like superman and landed on his belly in the wood chips. He was quite stunned and I couldn't help but laugh. He cried a just a little while and then ran off to start playing again.


  1. can't believe how big they are getting, 2 is just around the corner. we miss you guys but it looks like you are having fun. we made it to utah but not without on our house fell through but luckily just after we were bought out by the company. we should be closing on our utah house this week and hopefully we will not encounter any adversity until then...hope all is well with you guys.

  2. watch out or he'll end up like Rocket Man. Hahaha, he's such a cutie! I can't believe how big they're getting and so quickly!

  3. I am just playing blog catch up. I love your pictures. All the blue skies and the water with those beautiful babies and their red hair are wonderful. What great memories you are making. And it sounds like you are enjoying every minute of it.