Thursday, March 4, 2010

playing house

I've had a bit of a fascination with being a homemaker since moving into our new home. Maybe it was the months spent living out of suitcases, maybe it is the fresh summer air, maybe it is because my house is small and can be cleaned up quickly, maybe it hanging my clothes out on the line that makes me feel domestic.....or as Lonnie said maybe it is just a phase and we should just enjoy it while we can. Either way, at the moment, we are all benefiting.

Last night we had vegetable soup in bread bowls for dinner. I have made artisan bread and pizza twice, banana bread once, plus lots of other tasty homemade food.

My most recent obsession is with building the babies their own play kitchen. I had one at my Nana's house when I was little and I remember loving it. I had thought about buying one and then found this site. The homemade kitchen were darling and look pretty easy to make. I found a wobbly coffee table a Salvation Army Family store for $5 NZ (about $3.50US). I also found a great old fashion faucet today at another charity shop. Our town has a community workshop where I can take my project and for a small donation use the tools or ask for the help of a volunteer. Look for more updates to come.


  1. Hi! Your kitchen to be looks great! I think the idea of a community workshop is awesome! How fortunate. Looking forward to your updates. YOur twins are beautiful!