Wednesday, March 24, 2010

stanley bay park

Stanley Park is located just a five min walk from our house. We got there often to play and wait for Lonnie to meet us after work. The ferry drops him off just across the street.

Max and Maya re getting pretty good at walking along the railroad ties that surround the play area.
Kids and grown-ups in New Zealand often wear rain boots, know as Gum Boots or Wellies, during the rainy seasons. I bought some for the kids this week and they love of all, they can be worn over footy pajamas when the kids want to go outside early in the morning.

They have both also learned how to climb the tall ladder to the top of the big slide.


  1. They are getting so big. Your pictures are great. You should check out San Pedro Block by Block too. It is cool to see pics of stuff that I know on her site too.

  2. Jeane,
    How funny you should mention it....I just made a link to that site in on the next post.