Monday, March 22, 2010


I mentioned this on facebook....but thought I should also record it on our blog....definatly part of our NZ adventure....

Our laundry room is basically in our entryway, a little like a mudroom, more like a closet before you come into the unit.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and according to our neighbors they are often found in our yard. We had left the laundry room door open last night and when Lonnie went outside to lock the car door he stepped into the laundry room and almost stepped right on the hedgehog. It rolled... See More up into a ball, I imagine in defense, and just stayed there. We weren't quite sure what to do. It was about the size of a softball and had brown spiky fur. After a few mins we decided we had scared the little fellow enough and we got a broom and pushed him out the door. After a couple mins he got up and ran off.
Max and Maya were asleep but I am sure they would have picked it up and kept him as a pet. I'll have to remember to get a photo next time.

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