Monday, April 26, 2010

kiwi word of the week

Clucky: The desire to have a baby.

American translation: Baby hungry.

Example: Those darling twins make me clucky.


  1. Love it! It took me 2 weeks to understand that pinch means stolen. Someone kept saying that their dog was pinched and I just didn't get why that was such a huge tragedy!

  2. I love the image that clucky evokes: I want to be the mother hen again. Many folks have told me little Levi is evoking those feelings in them.

    We sure miss those darling twins!

  3. That's really cute!

    When I was at BYU-H I was caught off gaurd one Sunday by a guy from New Zealand speaking at a fireside. He kept saying "hell" like we say "um." I was like, uh, am I the only one hearing this guy? It didn't seem to phase anyone but me so finally I asked a friend & she told me that Kiwi's say hell & a few other choice words with no thought! Sometimes it is funny to see the differences in culture :)