Thursday, April 29, 2010

Traveling with twin toddlers in New Zealand

Lonnie was asked to go out of town this week. He thought the trip might extend though the weekend so he suggested that the kids and I come with him. If you have ever traveled with toddlers you know all the "stuff" that they require, car seats, cribs, highchairs, just to name the large items. But thankfully, here in New Zealand, it seems people think it is quite normal to have children. If fact they do all sorts of things to make it easy to travel with children.

The airline (Air New Zealand) let Lonnie and I sit next to each other on the flight even though we each had a lap child. They also had specail seat belt atachments for lap children. (Similar to the Baby B'air). Shortly after taking our seat the airline attendent brought us several children's books, crayons and paper. Max and Maya were thrilled to have new books to read, we didn't even open our own stash. A few minutes later she brought water and cookies for the babies, later she even brough lollipops and hand wipes. The twins were thrilled.

The car rental agency had car seats waiting for us at the airport. They were even willing to help install them.

The hotel had two pack and plays (travel cots) set up with clean sheets and blankets. They also provided us with two highchairs!

Most importantly, almost all of the hotels that we have stayed in while traveling in New Zealand have at least a mini kitchen and sometimes full kitchens (called self contained units) and a seperate bedroom with a door(called a family unit). This is huge for us because it means Max and Maya are taking good naps and Lonnie and I don't have to go to sleep at 7:30pm. Hooray for the Kiwis!

Oh....and I forgot to mention that when you check into a hotel they always give you a small bottle of milk. I asume the milk is for use in coffee of tea, but it is also very very nice for giving to toddlers.


  1. Wow! Sounds wonderful! New Zealand has won me over!

  2. I'm sold! We're moving to New Zealand!

  3. Wow! What a concept! Surprised more airlines and hotels don't have the same accomidations. Hope you had a fun trip.

  4. Air New Zealand let my brother and I hand out "lollies" to the plane, it was AWESOME! So, they even take care of 5 yr olds.

    If you see an attendant named Dale Grey, tell him I said hi! He's my uncle! He works for the airline.

  5. New Zealand just keeps amazing me! If they keep this up we'll never get you back home - but who would blame you with that kind of family friendly environment?! Who knows, if you keep finding such great things about NZ (like health care), we just might have to come join you there! What does bariatric surgery cost down there? ;)

  6. I had a completely different idea when you mentioned how difficult finding a place to live was because nobody wanted to rent to a family with children, but this changes my mind! I have to say, following your blog and seeing all of the beautiful pictures makes me want to go there so badly!