Monday, May 24, 2010

rainy days

What do you do when the rain won't seem to stop? First we make a mess of the entire house. Then we eat popcorn.

We read books to our dolls.

We make play-dough.
And when we have run out of ideas for play and messes to make we invite Gus over to watch a show while Mom makes dinner.

The weather has been strange lately. It is starting to get a bit colder, especially in the early mornings and at night.

A lot of the homes in New Zealand, including the one where we live, are not really built for the cold. They don't have insulation and they are often drafty. Lonnie and I stay warm enough under a nice New Zealand wool blanket, but we have started running a heater in the babies' room. I've also become converted to hot water bottles. Almost every night after doing the dishes (or Lonnie does the dishes) I fill up two hot water bottles to put at my feet. There is nothing nicer on a cool evening than nice warm toes.

We have had our first gray days, but thankfully they are still spotted with frequent clear blue skies and warm sun. Several times in the past two days the blue skies have instantly turned into heavy rain showers, thus thwarting my attempts at drying my clothes on the line.


  1. How did this happen? I turn around and your kids are huge! Sooo adorable!!

    Thanks for the rainy day ideas. I'm going to need them in a few months here-- can't say I'm looking forward to a New York winter with 1 year-old twins... :)

  2. Your kids are so big!!! I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. We miss you but from your blog it looks like you guys are having a blast! Sorry about Max getting out of his crib....I didn't like it when Brooke started doing that, naps ended shortly after. Love you guys!!!!