Thursday, June 3, 2010


My kids tend to be pretty adventurous eaters so far. Of course, they have their moments, but for the most part they are willing to try just about anything I offer as long as I am eating it too. We pretty much follow the rule that I decide what, where and when they eat and they get to decide how much they want to eat. Meals aren't always smooth and the kids aren't always thrilled with what they are offered, but I must give them credit for not always demanding "kid-food".

Max and Maya especially love Thai food or just about anything with rice or noodles, veggies and sauce.

Yesterday I found Maya eating a tomato. I had put them on the counter while I was cleaning out the fridge. She seemed to be enjoying it so I just let her keep eating it.

She offer it too Max, but he wasn't quite as convinced that it was something he wanted to eat.


  1. I was going to say the same thing! Maya's got the best curls! And, oh my, the COLOR! Gorgeous.