Friday, June 4, 2010

kiwi word of the week

Tea- Tea, as in the drink made with leaves, but also is used as generic name for a small meal.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, you already know the word tea. I thought I did too. But then I started hearing it used all the time in situations that didn't make sense, especially when referring to children. After singing time at church, we give the kids their morning tea. No actual tea involved, but the kids are given biscuits (cookies), crackers and fruit.

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you probably know that the films where made here in New Zealand. You are probably also familiar with the hobbits reference to second-breakfast. We found it quite funny that Kiwis actually do have more meals in the day than we knew about. There is breakfast, of course, then morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and then dinner or evening tea.

Example: “Mum what’s for tea tonight?”


  1. So I don't know much about New Zealand. There are two islands, right? Are you on the actual island that Lord of the Rings was filmed on?

    I love to watch America's Next Top Model (Lonnie can quit laughing now). This last season had a bunch of episodes filmed there. It was BEAUTIFUL.

  2. There are two main islands (North Island and South Island). Altogether New Zealand has about the same area as Colorado, so it's not a huge place. We just got back from a weekend trip, and we just can't get over how many beautiful beaches and bays there are in this country. It's just one beautiful bay after another.

    We live on the North Island, and Lord of the Rings was filmed at various locations on both islands. Probably most of the movies were filmed on the South Island because that's where the big mountains are. The area where the Shire was filmed is about an hour and a half drive from Auckland. The volcano was filmed on a volcano on the North Island.