Friday, June 10, 2011

what's in a name?

39!  I still can't believe that this new baby's birth is going to happen soon.

We still haven't settled on a name, although Max and Maya have.  Max wants to name the baby Giraffe and Maya wants the baby to be named Rex.  While we are more likely to go with Maya than Max on this issue, we still aren't convinced.  Lonnie is still sticking with Tyrone, but I'm just not feeling it.

We had though we could wait until after the baby was born, take our time, maybe even a week or so, until I called immigration to find out what we needed to do to get the baby health benefits.  I was told that technically the baby wouldn't be legal here in New Zealand until he has a visa....which he can't have until he has a passport, which we can't get until we have a photo and a name.  The immigration officer I talked with on the phone kindly said "But its not like we will deport him or anything".  Yeah, thanks.

So Lonnie has posted another poll.  This time there are names that we both like....but we won't tell you which ones.  But we are interested in your opinion.  So vote in the poll and leave us a comment....maybe even other options, just let us know what you think.


  1. Good luck on the naming game. Just wait until you are in painful labor and make your request....he'll feel so guilty to see you in such pain he may let you have it.
    It's worth a shot!

  2. Can the immigration lady deport him to my house? You know where I live... :)

    I like the name Bryce. Hope you are feeling well and I'm glad you made it to term.


  3. I like Jack, it's strong just like Max.

  4. I like both Jack and Bryce. It makes me think of a little boy Anna's age in our ward named Jace. Marriage is all about compromise, after all.

    Although if Sam and I had compromised on our top names, Levi would have been Labraham, so don't rely too much on my advice.

    I actually really like Mateo too. My Uncle's real name is Timoteo, he just goes by Tim.

  5. Having a son Matthew in teh DR would lead me to the name Mateo, but I have always liked the name Bryce. Once again you forgot to put Jimmer on your list. All kidding aside, you will know who he is when you meet him. Congrats in advance.
    Illedgym is the word verification on my comment, that would be a different name :)

  6. I'm partial to Trent; it seems a bit less trendy/common than Jack or Bryce, although really they're all good names. The nice thing is, you two get to decide and then the rest of us just get to love your baby with whatever name he's got.

  7. I like Theo and Mateo. I must have a thing for names that end in -eo!

    I also like Tasman. Greg's great-grandfather is named Tasman because his father (Greg's great-great-great-grandfather) served a mission in Tasmania, Australia. So the name Tasman could be a happy reminder of your Southern Hemi baby! I also think Taz for short is super cute.

  8. Good luck with that. Boys names seems so much more difficult to agree on than girl names.

  9. I have to go with Trent. I think it sounds best with your last name since I think of the full name and how it flows. If you are looking for a middle name too, I think Trent Mateo Mercer or Trent Tasman Mercer go well (Tasman would be a fun life long reminder of his birthplace - even though Tasmania is in Australia, it's close enough... though I doubt any New Zealanders nor Australians would agree with me)

  10. Thanks for all the comments. Just for background here are some of the reasons we like these names....

    Bryce: Bryce Canyon
    Jack: Good boy name, goes with Max
    Mateo: Spanish but anyone can say it, nickname would be Teo (one problem, we already have a cousin named Matthew_
    Tasman: Able Tasman mapped New Zealand, nickname: Taz (probably a middle name)
    Theo: We just like this one.
    Trent: Lonnie's middle name that he officially dropped when be became Lonnie Allred Mercer

  11. Not to complicate things any further, but are there any cities or places in NZ that you expecially like that would make a good name? Or a Maori name that means something cool and that doesn't sound too wierd? Just random ideas that I thought might be cool since he IS being born there.

  12. Funny you should mention that Maren. We spent last night looking at a map of New Zealand. We also looked into Maori names....a lot of the male names end in a, which as you know would be strange in Spanish. I do like the name Tane (said with short vowels like you would in Spanish), but I wouldn't want it said the way it would be in English- like tame.

  13. We just finished a family discussion about your 'name game' so... well... OK, you won't want to hear what we think ;-) Get ready....
    Rob, Mason, and Zane are all saying you can name him whatever you want, but they're going to call him what they like - lol!
    Rob's going to call him Jack
    Mason likes Trent, Bryce or Theo depending on his mood (that's Mason's mood, not the baby's ;-)
    Zane likes Trent Mateo, actually Zane, Mason & I all genuinely like Caprene's suggestion - Trent Mateo Mercer
    (Ammon says don't include me in this craziness, and Zaley's asleep already so we don't know what she'd like, though we know she'd have her own opinion.) I'm not sure if you realize this, but I was 8 when Lonnie was born, and I helped pick the name Trent. So my choice is no surprise.
    Of course the Tane idea is also cool either way you pronounce it. Tane rhymes with Zane, but I love the latin pronunciation too - I've called Zane, Tsane many times over the years.
    So many great choices - good luck! Let us know as soon as you can when the big event is happening/or has happened. We are so excited for all of you!!
    Lots of Love from Tennessee

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  15. Oops! I guess I'm logged in as my sister. Miss you and your family Alisa!