Tuesday, December 20, 2011

motat tram

Still two weeks behind on my blogging....

We had some extra time while running an errand in the city the other day so we stopped by the Museum of Transportation and Technology and took a quick ride on the tram.  We didn't have time to go into the museum but the kids had fun riding on the tram.  It was free for under 5, as are most activities in New Zealand, and we take full advantage of this having three kids under 5 years old.  So for $2 all four of us were able to ride the tram.
That morning I decided to cut Max's hair.  It was getting long and starting to fall into his face.  He was having a hard time sitting still so I decided to buzz it with the clippers.  I didn't think it would make that big of a difference, but to be honest I was a little heart broken with the result.  He lost his little boy hair and now looks like a big boy.  Thankfully he doesn't seem to mind at all and it should grow out in a couple months.

btw...Trent was with us too, in the front carrier, as always.


  1. I am surprised EVERY time we cut Preston's hair how he instantly looks so much older. But at least it grows back fast :-)!

  2. Such wonderful updates! I am so glad that you are able to enjoy such great adventures in New Zealand. It looks like such a beautiful place, so I am glad to be able to experience it through your eyes, if only just a little bit!